Cozy Cucina

from Paint Décor
Use color tips from Patty Kramer to decide how to paint your own kitchen, whether you want an old-world look like this cozy cucina or a more modern style.

A simple glaze of terra-cotta-color paint, applied crosshatch fashion over a builder-white ground gives a new kitchen old-world warmth.

The earthy counter tiles and a piece of wallpaper kicked off the Mediterranean country look and gave rise to the colors used throughout the house. "We worked from a wallpaper swatch that Peggy had," Kramer says, "talking over ideas for each room and looking for similar hues in the paint deck."

Patty Kramer's Color Tips

  • Collect inspiration. Swatches of fabric, wallpaper, or gift wrap can be great sources of color inspiration. Gather clippings from magazines and catalogs. Don't overlook product packaging, pottery, housewares, or artwork for ideas. As you continue to collect and look at ideas, intriguing color concepts will emerge.
  • Start with a sample. A quart of paint is cheap! Apply paint to a sample board, then place it in its potential space. See if you like the color as the light changes through the day. If you're not sure, try another hue.
  • Just do it. If you ve been wanting to try color, the most important thing is to get started, whether you have a plan for your whole house or not. It's just paint. If you don't like it, you can paint it right back to white.

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