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Whether on a grassy lawn, under a porch roof, or in an interior room, wicker furniture is classic, comfortable seating. But here’s the real beauty of this furniture: Many grasses, vines, and plant materials used for the woven coverings make excellent surfaces for decorative painting. Wicker also is easy to find and is readily available in a wide range of styles and prices.

Antique or new, natural wicker comes in four major types: rattan, reed, willow, and bamboo. Each type has its own characteristics, so consider which material will work best when selecting pieces to paint. For example, finer plant materials and tighter weaves generally provide a smoother surface, more suitable for repeating motifs and patterns. Pieces with bold, directional weaves make stripe patterns easier. And furniture featuring texture changes, such as accent or border treatments, might be especially interesting with selected details painted a second color.

Quality wicker, if kept in a covered, weather-protected environment, will last a lifetime. Lesser-quality pieces or poorly tended vintage wicker might not last as long, but they are usually relatively inexpensive. No matter which pieces you select, all can be beautiful when painted. And the best news is, if you get tired of the look or your style changes, the pieces can be painted again, providing a fresh canvas on which to create.

Wicker Furniture Projects

For any painting project on wicker furniture, start with these basic steps. You'll get a better finished paint job and your furniture will hold up better and withstand the elements longer.

Red Roses

Crimson roses pop against a white background in this pretty chair that's perfect for sipping tea and relaxing.

Polka Dots

Use the shape of your chair to guide your design. We used polka dots to compliment the rounded shape of this chair and bold color to give it a kick.

Leaves and Vines

This chair has a classic vine-and-leaf treatment, but its vivid orange color makes it more fun than formal.


Choose any colors you want for this striped approach to wicker seating. Use a lighter color to highlight each stripe to create a worn look.


The bright yellow hue of this chair is inviting and playful at the same time. Use it in your sunroom for morning coffee, or put it on the deck for afternoon lazing.

Citrus Slices

Sip fruity drinks in style all summer long with this citrus-inspired paint job. Switch the blue base for another bold color that compliments your outdoor decor.

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