Blank-Canvas Makeover Plan

from Creative Home
Follow the Creative Home Design Team through the process of turning a pale San Diego bedroom into a cozy Tuscan retreat.

1. Review the videotape and photographs. Draw a room floor plan complete with measurements (ceiling height, windows, and doors) and the location of outlets, switches, and vents.

2. Establish a budget and set design goals for the room. Assess the mechanicals, such as proper electrical wiring, and needed structural changes, which always come first. Next, select the aesthetics; start with flooring and wall treatments, then choose furniture, light fixtures, rugs, art, draperies, linens, and accessories.

3. Select, hire, and schedule subcontractors. We used Pergo installation professionals, a countertop installer, electrician,
decorative painter, and closet designers and installers.

4. Finalize wall treatment and fabric selections. Design and sew the draperies, coverlet, duvet, Euro-shams, shams, bed skirt, and multiple pillows.

5. Design shelves to replace the armoire. Order a flat-panel television that will fit into the shelves. Select and order all furniture.

6. Arrive at site, meet Monique and her family, and assess the room.

7. Build, finish, and install the shelves. Install the television. Finish the tilework, apply crackle finish to molding and add it to the medicine cabinets, and add trim to the flooring.

8. Mount the drapery rods and hang sheer drapery panels.

9. Set rugs and furniture in place. Hang artwork and dress the bed.

10. Accessorize and add flowers — then take a nap!

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